The Midwest Beatbox Battle
2014 Winner - NaPoM
2013 Winner - JFlo
2012 Winner - Amit


The Midwest Beatbox Battle is a National beatbox competition originated and organized by Shut Your Mouth & Beatbox (SYMAB) in 2012. SYMAB is a group of beatboxers dedicated to the art & uprising of American Human Beatboxing. The Midwest Beatbox Battle is one of four regional battles in the United States, including Down South, East Coast and West Coast. The Top 2 competitors in each region secure a guaranteed placement in The American Beatbox Championship.

The Midwest Beatbox Battle originated in Youngstown, Ohio, but has been held in the state's capitol, Columbus, the past two years. Each event features an open elimination round, in which any American beatboxer can compete for a Top 16 placing in The 2013 Midwest Beatbox Battle. The “Top 16” beatboxers will be battling face-to-face on stage for a grand prize package, guaranteed placement in The 2014 American Beatbox Championship & 1st place title of The Midwest Beatbox Battle.

These events are nationally marketed and participated. The City of Columbus, Ohio has been a prime location for the past year’s battles. With an easy to find, comfortable venue conveniently located near Downtown, our promotional opportunities are immense. Participated audience has been well over 500 attendees each day between the ages of 18 and 40. There is always opportunity for vending space (food, clothing, apparel, and other products or merchandise). Potential sponsors and vendors interested in advertisement with these event can contact us here.


  • NaPoM (2014) - Greensburg, Pennsylvania
  • JFlo (2013) - Smithtown, New York
  • Amit (2012) - Queens, New York


  • Registration and check-in required before start of event.
  • Names drawn from a hat or bucket to determine open elimination order.
  • Elimination rounds will be 2 minutes minimum and 3 minutes maximum.
  • Judges will score contestants according to 5 catergories of criteria.
  • The 16 highest ranked contestants will advance to the battles.


  • The Top 16 contestants will battle according to rank / score. (1v16, 2v15, 3v14, 4v13, 5v12, 6v11, 7v10, etc.)
  • One contestant will be allowed to choose the coin flip. The contestant who wins the initial coin flip will be allowed to choose who goes first.
  • Battles will be ABAB Format. Each battle will be 1:30 (one minute; thirty seconds) rounds, except for the FINAL ROUND, which will be 2:00 (two minute) rounds.
  • Judges will hold up a card to determine who the winner will be. The contestant who receives the most votes from the judges panel will move on to the next battle round.
  • Judges are allowed 3 overtime rounds, which can be used at any time during any battle, but must be agreed amongst the majority of judges. Overtime rounds will be :30 (thirty seconds) each.